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Coworking spaces: part home, part office, part hotel

23 October, Corriere della Sera

Office and home. A workplace as well as a place where to do networking. This what coworking spaces are nowadays. In fact. With the time, these spaces have included services of different nature. From restaurants and coffee shops to bookshops and newspaper libraries, and fitness rooms. You can go there to get some work done or attend a meeting, but also for a book launch or meeting with friends.

This evolution is explained by two factors: from one side, the need to differentiate within an increasingly competitive market (according to the estimates, coworking spaces in Italy are over 300, while globally they amount to 11,000) and from the other side, they reflect how work has changed.

“The barrier between professional life and private file no longer exists, nowadays these two sides are interconnected – confirms Pietro Martani, founder and Ceo of Copernico Holding, a platform for business acceleration and development – and it will be even more so in the future. We’ll need, then multifunctional workplaces, stimulating and dynamic. Spaces that are in constant mutation, such as our lives”.

The most recent innovation is the contamination with hospitality. The results are the new solutions mixing private and shared spaces, business and leisure. In this way, rooms are right beside coffee shops, meeting rooms and offices. And within the same building, we can find an event area, a big living room and a gym.

“Thanks to our way of managing properties, we’ve found a niche in the hospitality market. We’ve implemented new spaces, a mix of hotel, offices and accommodations, that are becoming the big new trend of real estate”.

As a matter of fact, these new facilities are not only able to be up to date, they also embrace different targets. In fact, they address the needs of a wide range of individuals, such as expats, managers travelling abroad and bringing family with them, professionals working on the go.

Source: Corriere della Sera

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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