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Conegliano: another shopping centre, right in front of the Conè hypermarket


The discount supermarket Aldi opening next February will be one of the first stores in Italy of the big German multinational. The City Council had previously denied the operation. Pd: “Who governs us thinks only about real estate agents”.

The construction works for the new German discount store will cost 2.5 million euro, while a historic grocery store is on sale for 8 thousand euro, looking for buyers. These two facts alone are enough to sum up the situation in Conegliano. Small businesses in the city centre are disappearing, while other big distribution giants are coming. The group Aldi, a company with a turnover estimated at 58 billion euro and over 7,500 stores in Europe, America and Australia, will open next to the shopping centre Conè. The construction site has just started.

It will be one of the very first Aldi stores in Italy, the 15th supermarket in Conegliano, where the multinationals keep finding terrain to build. The opening should be by February. “Who governs us cares more for a few real estate agents, rather than thinking about improving the quality of life of many citizens” shout the representatives of Partito Democratico, that last March signalled the arrival of the new supermarket, with the denial of the City Council. The building permit was already granted in November of the previous year. At the end of August, a few steps away from via Vital, the small grocery store “La dispensa” closed after 55 years.

The last cheese-monger in Conegliano put on sale the activity for 8 thousand euro. Albrecht Discount (Aldi) has been planning for two years the strategic plan for its expansion in Northern and Central Italy. It seeks lots of at least 5 thousand Sq m and a catchment area of 30 thousand inhabitants, in a well-connected and trafficked area. Conegliano and Conè are just perfect. The Aldi supermarket in Conegliano will be the first in Veneto, the central operational and logistic bases have been already established in Verona. In Conegliano, the builders are already working and in five months the new building will be raised and it will develop on a commercial surface of about 2 thousand Sq m.

The total investment for the operation is 2.5 million. According to the opposition, this only means adding more concrete to the city. “In the past few days the ranking of the institutions that took part in the call by the Ministry of Environment has been published, it was dedicated to the Municipalities and had a funding of 35 million euro. Conegliano would have been on the top of that list, as many other cities of the area would, such as Bassano del Grappa and Mira to name a few – explains Alessandro Bortoluzzi, leader of the local Partito Democratico –  instead, our administrators missed the call, as usual. Probably they were too busy giving building concessions to build new supermarkets, of which it is known there is a great need”. The arrival of more concrete in Conegliano is very debated. A news appeared in the British newspapers is that the multinational will market for the first time for next Christmas a 3 litres maxi bottle, the “Prosecco jeroboam”, at only 39.99 pounds.


Source: http://m.tribunatreviso.gelocal.it/treviso/cronaca/2017/09/23/news/conegliano-ancora-un-centro-commerciale-proprio-davanti-all-iper-cone-1.15892898

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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