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Central Italy, launching the public works reconstruction plan


Identified over 200 interventions for a total of 208 million euro. The planning might be also assigned to external professionals

The reconstruction process of the public works is about to start in the territories of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria that were damaged by the earthquake last year.

The Ordinance 37 has been indeed published with the list of public properties (such as hospitals, schools, city councils, etc.) needing work to be adjusted to seismic requirements, renovation or demolition/reconstruction.

Reconstruction of Central Italy: the resources allocated

The interventions identified by the ordinance are 217 for a total of 208 million euro. The region with the most interventions planned (98) is Marche. In fact, more than half of the total investments (129 million euro) are concentrated here.

The Ordinance sees also an advanced payment of 10.5 million euro to fund the planning that will be directly transferred to the four regions which will have the role of implementing parties of the program.
Reconstruction of public buildings: the planning activity

The development of the planned interventions in the list might be carried out by the special department for the reconstruction or might be assigned to external professionals.

For amounts below 209 thousand euro, the task allocation may be carried out through private tender, making sure the selection of the economic players is in accordance with the procedures of rotation, transparency, and competition. For higher amounts, the procedure will be carried out through public tender.

The maximum amount for the technical expenses is set according to the criteria and limitations included in the Ordinance 33/2017 which sets that every contractor may cover up to 15 professional tasks for a maximum amount of 50 million euro.

The executive projects concerning the intervention must be presented to the Special Commissioner by 7th January 2018 (120 days from the entry into force of the ordinance) which will examine the completeness of the project, evaluating also its economical consistency.

Granted the contribution, the commissioner will transfer the projects to the Central Commission which will be in charge of the open competitive bidding to select the companies to implement the works, also in this case, with the supervision of Anac. The presidents of the regions or the vice-commissioners will report quarterly to the Special Commissioner about the projects accepted for a grant, the tenders already won and the ongoing ones, as well as the status of the works in the building sites already started.


Source: http://www.edilportale.com/news/2017/9/normativa/centro-italia-al-via-il-piano-di-ricostruzione-delle-opere-pubbliche_59798_15.html

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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