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  • Transaction / Assets
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    Hotelturist S.p.A
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    Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
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Cdp invests 250 million in tourism fund and purchases 5 resorts



From the acquisition of 5 new resorts to the development of some real estate and the optimization of the Tourism Fund endowment: the investment, launched by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in support for the tourism industry (in particular in the South of Italy) is divided into three different operations. According to the 2020 industrial plan, informs a memo, the group has acquired 5 resorts, taking over from Hotelturist S.p.A (“TH Resorts”) the facilities in Marina di Pisticci (MT) and in Marina di Sibari (CS), and from Valtur Group (“Valtur”) the facilities in Marina di Ostuni (BR), Marileva (TN) and in Pila (AO) for an investment of 92 million, launching FIT – a fund for investments in tourism managed by CDP Investimenti Sgr –and further increasing by 150 million euro the endowment for future initiatives.  Moreover, two new development projects have been agreed, with the purpose of transforming the former hospital Ospedale a Mare of Lido di Venezia and the former summer camp in Celle Ligure into hotels.

“The dimensions of the big Italian hotel groups have still growth potential if compared to that of the big international groups. With this initiative” commented Fabio Galla, Cdp CEO- “we are promoting an evolution of the corporate model of this industry through the separation of the real estate from the  management, in order to release resources  and at the same time create means able to attract additional capital on the market to be invested in new projects.”

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