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Brescia: new trends of the property market

27 October, Monitor Immobiliare

According to the research of Tecnocasa, in the first semester of 2017, the house prices in Brescia have slightly decreased. The market shows trust thanks to the fall of prices in the last few years, mortgage rates at their lowest ever, and banks more willing to issue loans.

Crocifissa di Rose has registered a fall of process related to the average property type and used Propertius in the first half of 2017. In fact, most of the sales have focused on more exclusive properties with a bigger budget or on smaller properties to rent thanks to the comeback of investors.

Prices are slightly rising in the Sant’Anna, Villaggio Badia, and Violini areas for what concerns used properties in good conditions since they’re not very frequent there and they rarely have affordable prices. The buyers in these neighbourhoods are mainly people looking for the first house, possibly in independent solutions and with low service charges. Sant’Anna is the oldest neighbourhood where apartment buildings without lift prevail, hence first floors are greatly appreciated.

The prices for Chiesanuova, La Noce and Folzano are stable, Villaggio Sereno is slightly decreasing. The reason for this fall is that many properties have to be renovated due to a generational passage currently in process. Despite this, the market is still very active and the number of requests for sales is growing.

Source: Monitor Immobiliare

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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