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Bought on auction Palazzo della Fonte in Fiuggi

19 February, Il Corriere della Provincia

Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte in Fiuggi was acquired on auction by Forte Village. The buyer is a primary luxury hospitality groups in Italy. The company obtained the property for 16.5 million euro.

The staff of over one hundred people will keep their jobs.

The first reactions

Senator Massimo Ruspandini commented: “Finally good news for our territory which brings back the hope among the staff of the hotel. This might be, perhaps, the first step for the relaunch of tourism in Fiuggi and in the whole region of Ciociaria”.

Fiuggi Mayor Alioska Baccarini rejoiced at the announcement. His predecessor Fabrizio Martini commented on his Facebook profile: “Congratulations for the sale of Palazzo della Fonte, a symbol of Italian tourism. Good luck to the new owners”.

Source: Il Corriere della Provincia

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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