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Bankitalia, bad loans rising by 6.6% in April


The growth of bad loans in Italy is slowing down. From the Bankitalia’s publication “Banks and currency: National series” emerges that the growth rate of the bad loans in April has been equal to 6.6% on annual basis, against the 7.7% of the previous month. The central bank highlights that the correct growth rate, considering the securitisations and the other credits transferred and cancelled from the banks’ financial statements, should be around 10.6%, against 11.2% of the previous month. In this way the bad loans in total are estimated to be 77.230 billion, hence decreasing if compared to the 77.849 billion of the previous month, while the gross value is around 203.298 billion, hence rising if compared to the 202.766 billion of March 2017.

From the study appears, however, a slowdown in the loans growth. The loans in the private sector, corrected in order to consider the securitisations and the credits transferred and cancelled from banks’ financial statements, have grown by 0.8% on annual basis against the 1% of March. The loans to families have grown by 2.4%, as the previous month, whereas those to nonfinancial companies have grown by 0.2% (0.3% in March). The central bank added that the deposits in the private sector have grown by 3.8% on annual basis (4.1% in March), while the raising of bonds has decreased by 15.6%.

The interest rates are slightly decreasing. The rates on loans issued in April to families for the purchase of houses have been equal to 2.49%, so decreasing if compared to the 2.54% of the previous month. The new loans on the consumer credit are set at 7.92%. The rates on new loans to nonfinancial companies have been equal to 1.53% (1.67% in March), those on new loans for amounts up to 1 million euro have been equal to 2.18%, while those on new loans for an amount above this threshold have been 1.06%. The passive rates on the overall existing deposits have stayed unchanged at 0.40%.

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