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Australian challenge for Arexpo


Submitted the binding offers, the technical assessment is starting soon

The pools led by LandLease and Stam Europe have both presented their offers in the tender by Arexpo to identify the partner for the Masterplan project and for the development of the area. The binding offers are for the concession of the surface right for maximum 99 years upon the payment of a yearly rent to Arexpo, in order to build at least 250 thousand square metres and up to 480 thousand square metres GFA (Gross Floor Area).

Right after the two proposals, the board had gathered to evaluate their compliance to the bid requirements. Considering that the group Macquerie is part of the Slam team, the Expo tender becomes an all Australian challenge since both Macquerie and LandLease have their headquarters in Sidney. According to the procedure, the board is to evaluate firstly if the proposals meet the requirements and only then to analyse the technical offer. After that, the envelope with the economic offer and the financial plan will be opened. As reminded by the memo of the company headed by Giuseppe Bonomi, the board has the task “of assessing independently from Arexpo and of communicating its response once finished the assessment”.

The board is guided by professor Giovanni Azzone, Arexpo president and rector of the Milan Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2016, while the other four members are Andrea Sironi (professor of Economy of the Financial Intermediaries at Bocconi University, of which he was rector from 2012 and 2016 and currently president of the Italian Stock Exchange), Barbara Alemanno (professor of Economy of the Financial Intermediaries at University of Genoa and professor at Sda Bocconi), Manuale Grecchi ( vice rector at Milan Institute of Technology and professor of Technical Architecture), and Ilaria Valente (president of the School  of Urban Architecture and Construction Engineering at the Milan Institute of Technology and professor of Architectural and Urban Composition).

As anticipated by MF-Milan Finanza, at the end Manfredi Catella’s Coima decided to not take part in the tender, having given priority to other important projects. Arexpo stated in the bid that “the estimated value of the operation is equal to 2 billion euro”.


Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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