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Agire (Gruppo Ipi) for the new shopping centre in Teramo

16 October, Monitor Immobiliare

New life for the shopping centre Universo Extension in Sivi Marina, in the province of Teramo. The opening for the new 22,000 Sq m surface (to be added to the existing 11,000) is scheduled for 9th November.

Centro Universo has a central role, serving the areas of Chieti, Pescara, and Teramo. And now it’s expanding with new shops and services.

The extension works are managed by the D’Eugenio family which, after 18 years from the first investment, invested other 50 million, creating in this way 500 jobs.

Besides the shops, there will be also a multiplex cinema and a wellness centre of 4,000 Sq m.

Arcotecnica (Ipi group) has the task to commercialise the new spaces, currently by 85% already occupied. Arcotenica is now part of AGIRE, a project of the IPI Group which includes Arcoengineering, Groma, and IPI Servizi.


Source: Monitor Immobiliare (by J.B.)

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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