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Other 59 branches of Banca d’Italia put on the market

02 November, Corriere della Sera

The decision to cut a hundred branches on the territory taken in 2008 by the then Banca d’Italia Governor Mario Draghi starts to give its results. After several years of no substantial results, due also to the crisis of the property market, over the last two years, Banca d’Italia has managed to sell about twenty exclusive buildings, former branches of the bank, obtaining earnings for approximately 50 million euro altogether. Initially, the sales procedure of the properties was assigned to a real estate advisor, but since Banca d’Italia decided to do it on its own, the objective has started taking shape.

The last branch in chronological order to be sold has been that in Reggio Emilia. Those of Alessandria and Belluno are pending the validation by the notary. The definitive agreement has been reached also for Belluno. At this stage, Banca d’Italia has still to sell 59 former branches, many of them bound to the Surveillance and located in the main provincial capitals of Italy. “The divestiture plan – explains Luigi Donato, head of the Property and Tender division – must consider the peculiarity of these buildings. We ask buyers what plans they have, we’re interested in the use they’ll make of them”. Among the buyers, there are mostly Italian companies and only a few international companies interested in the operation.

Source: Corriere della Sera (by Marco Sabella)

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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