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retail-shopping-centers Market News: Spanish Real Estate Intelligence

Ceetrus Italy to present the new Merlata Mall at Mapic
07 November, Mark Up Ceetrus will present at the 2019 Mapic event in Cannes one of its biggest current projects in Italy, namely the Merlata Mall in Milan, next to the Expo-Mind area, currently under requalification. The Mall will cover a surface of 70,000 Sq m. It won’t be just a shopping mall, but it will integrate with the Uptown residential district, offering entertainment, arts, culture, as well as other services. Source: Mark Up Translator: Cristina Ambrosi
Dla Piper: good performance of Italian real estate, but NPLs are still an issue
06 November, Bebeez From the latest summit organised by Dla Piper, it emerged that the Italian real estate market can still offer excellent results with returns for 6.8%, although NPLs remain an issue to be solved. Concerning investments, offices are the most attractive segment (71.9%), followed by retail (52.6%), logistics (36.8%), residential (33.3%), hospitality (28%), student housing (19.3%), senior living (8.7%) and infrastructures (3.5%), while 10.5% of the investors opted for other sectors. In 2020 investments will continue focusing on offices (64.5%) and retail, although the market plummeted from 52.6% to 25.8%. Milan is still the investors’ primary market (80.9%), followed by Rome (65%). Source: Bebeez Translator: Cristina Ambrosi