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real-estate-news Assets News: Italian Real Estate Intelligence

Kryalos sold an office building in Milan to Macquarie for €119 mln
17 November, Monitor Immobiliare Through its closed-end real estate investment fund All Star, Kryalos Sgr sold to Macquarie Asset Management an office building in Porta Romana, Milan, for €119 million. Built at the beginning of the 20th century and completely renovated in 2020, the asset complies with all the sustainability criteria and is BREEAM certified. The building covers 20,600 Sqm and is leased to companies operating in the fintech, green energy and food & beverage sectors. Kryalos will continue to manage the asset on behalf of the buyer. Source: Monitor Immobiliare Translator: Cristina Ambrosi
Orange IM and Catella Real Estate AG acquired parking in Milan city centre
15 November, Monitor Immobiliare Orange IM and Catella Real Estate AG completed the acquisition of a car park in Milan city centre, developing over eight storeys underground and offering 332 parking spaces. The asset is leased to Apcoa Parking Italia, which manages private car parks throughout Europe. Source: Monitor Immobiliare Translator: Cristina Ambrosi
Baglioni Hotels & Resorts announced a partnership with Palace Resorts
14 November, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts Leading Italian hotel company Baglioni Hotels & Resorts entered a financial partnership with Mexican Palace Resorts, which specializes in luxury resorts. The agreement consists of the acquisition by Palace Resorts of 75% of Cogeta Spa, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts holding company. With this operation, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts will gain access to the US market, accounting for 70% of the Palace Resorts business. At the same time, Palace Resorts will have the chance to add a European luxury brand to its portfolio. Source: Baglioni Hotels & Resorts Translation: Cristina Ambrosi