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industrial Market News: Spanish Real Estate Intelligence

Record performance of the Italian commercial real estate sector
16 January, Affari Italiani 2019 ended with excellent results concerning investments in commercial assets. The market reported investments for about 12.2 billion euro, resulting in a 40% growth from the previous year. Transactions went from 225 in 2018 to 260. 75% of the capitals came from foreign investors. The office segment leads the market with 4.8 billion invested (+37% from 2018). It’s followed by hotels with 3.3 billion, which had exponentially grown (+210% from 2018). Retail reported investments for 1.9 billion euro, having decreased by 13%, although it remained substantially aligned with the trend of the last five years. Logistics registered excellent results with 1.4 billion invested (+50% from 2018). Alternative assets represent about 400 million of the total investments (-55% from 2018), 180 million of which are represented by assisted living facilities. Source: Affari Italiani Translator: Cristina Ambrosi