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hospitality Market News: Spanish Real Estate Intelligence

Hospitality: investments for 2 billion euro in the first part of the year. 42% of the total investments
09 September, Crif CRIF reports that the Italian hospitality segment registered investments for 2 billion euro in the first semester of 2019, representing 42% of the total real estate investments. More than half of these investments come from foreign investors, which focus on Rome, followed by Milan, Venice and Florence. The market mostly grew in the four- and five-star segment, respectively by 20% and 50%. The report also shows how Italy has the biggest hotel portfolio at European level, although the country is only fourth in terms of visits (12.2%), preceded by Germany (18.3%), France (15.5%) and Spain (13.5%). In 2018, foreign tourists in Italy were 50.5%, and the number is expected to grow further in 2019/2020, while the number of Italian tourists will remain stable. Source: Crif Translator: Cristina Ambrosi
Hig acquired Portopiccolo in Trieste
07 September, Milano Finanza The private equity fund Hig presented a binding offer for the tourist complex located near Trieste. The owner Rizzani de Eccher announced the sale of the assets. The complex is meant to be sold to a real estate fund under the Italian law, whose majority quota will be transferred to Hig, which will take care of the investment plan. Source: Milano Finanza Translator: Cristina Ambrosi