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Tiburtino, relaunch with an ad hoc project

04 December, Corriere della Sera

“Favouring the recovery of suburbs, requalifying the present structure of the city, limiting the use of land and adjusting buildings to the anti-seismic measures”. These are only a few of the main objectives expressed regarding the possible solutions to recover the most neglected areas of Tiburtina. Acer, the Roman association of construction companies, launched the tender, endorsed by the Rome Chamber of Commerce. The tender was announced during the yearly assembly on 9th November and it was published yesterday. The tender is addressed to engineers and architects, besides companies, and sees an award of 18 thousand euro, funded by the Rome-based developers. The winning proposal will be presented to the City of Rome in the hope it could be implemented.

Among the objectives of the initiative, there is “promoting the rationalisation of the existing properties and the small businesses on the territory” as well as the improvement of environmental and architectural quality, promoting eco-sustainable housing solutions”. Considered the characteristics of the area, the will is to “promote farming, landscape and environment”, with measures “aimed at preventing the neglect of the farmland and supporting the regeneration of the abandoned farming areas”.

The area concerned by the requalification includes the area around the line B metro station Quintiliani, renamed “the stop in the middle of nowhere” for its distance from the main streets and the squares of the neighbourhood. It was, in fact, inaugurated, in view of the construction of Sdo in Pietralata. Another chapter concerns the territory in a state of neglect near Via Galla Placidia. The third intervention is aimed at a smaller area, that of Via Cupa, across the bridge over the railway and opposite to the Verano cemetery.

The choice of the area is explained by the many neglected spaces along Tiburtina that will benefit from new constructions, such as the Bnp Paribas headquarters, the former Atac deposition transformed into a residential complex, the station itself designed by Paolo Desideri which will get soon the high-speed line, and finally the Pertini Hospital. “It’s surprising that 5 kilometres from the Campidoglio -states the Acer president, Nicolò Rebecchini –  such a state of neglect could exist”. Therefore, developers have decided to launch this tender, that might be a model also for other areas. “The proposal can be repeated – adds Rebecchini – this is an idea to transform neglected areas. In fact, the regulation on “urban regeneration” of the Region of Lazio, approved last July, goes in this direction. But more importantly, it will improve the quality of life of the local people”. The regeneration can happen by bringing new functions as well as by improving the already existing ones. In this case, the arrival of the Bnp Paribas headquarters means 4 thousand new workers and 10 thousand additional commuters every day in the station. “These are considerable figures for the area – adds Rebecchini – It will be an example for many other parts of the city, showing how urban requalification can transform an area with already existing functions, changing not only the aesthetics but also the quality of life who lives or works there”.

The urban regeneration topic was covered by the developers during the event “Tavolo per Roma” promoted by the Minister for Economic Development, Carlo Calenda. “This is the first time that all the institutions and the Rome entrepreneurs are discussing together – explains the Acer president. “The assets should be defined before Christmas and I wish that the Minister will be able to direct new funds to dedicate to the development of our city”. For this reason, “we’re evaluating the launch of other tenders, always aimed at economic sustainability, which is made possible by the cooperation between public and private institutions”.

Source: Corriere della Sera

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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