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The Red Cross headquarters in Rome is for sale

14 August, Corriere della Sera

The first offer arrived last February, but there have been others. A bid for 26 million euro was made to purchase the building that used to host the Red Cross in Via Toscana, not far from Via Veneto. The building is of excellent quality and located in the city centre, where there are many other empty buildings.

Between Via Sardegna, Via Romagna and Via Sicilia, not far from Via Boncompagni, there are several buildings that were once occupied by prestigious offices, both private and public, making the neighbourhood look isolated and gloomy.

The old Red Cross building is a different story though. The organisation staffing over 400 thousand people between civilians and military and once one of the most trusted institutions is currently under administrative compulsory liquidation. The Red Cross has recently started “an informal negotiation with some operators interested in buying the property” which hosted in the past several international conferences and meetings.

The Revenue Agency in its report dated December 2015 valued the property worth 32 million euro and available by the end of the year. The deadline for the bids was set for 9th March. The tender addressed private and public operators. The Red Cross Has kept its operational headquarter in Via RamazzinI which has been used in the recent years to shelter refugees and the Roma people which were evacuated from the River camping. The administrative compulsory liquidation of the Red Cross has led to the divestiture of many other properties, and it’s connected to the legislative decree number 178 introduced in 2012 by the Monti administration. But the main reason behind the sales is the necessity to resolve the controversy with Inps and pay the leaving indemnity to the staff. The operation is estimated at 117 million euro, but Inps deemed such amount not enough. The first property to be sold was the Milan office in Via Caradosso, while the location in Via Ostiense in Rome was sold to Università Roma Tre.

Source: Corriere della Sera

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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