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Progetto Manifattura doubling the spaces

27 January, Milano Finanza

Trentino Sviluppo and the company awarded with the project Colombo Costruzioni from Lecco have recently signed a work contract for the implementation of Ambito B included in Progetto Manifattura. The project is valued 38.6 million euro. Colombo Costruzioni will have 100 days to prepare the executive plan. After that, in May, the construction site will open, for a total surface of 5 hectares. The work for 25,600 Sq m of new buildings will be completed by 2020 and it will make possible to double the production surface currently available, accommodating up to 100 companies for a total of 1,200 workers. The project has a strategical value for the province as well as for Italy since the doubled space will favour the creation of start-ups.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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