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The presence of giants will be an incentive also for small companies

06 November, La Repubblica

“Silicon Valley is an abused term, but what is rising now in Porta Nuova is a very important hub of innovative and digital companies”. Alfonso Gambardella is the Bocconi director of the department for management and technology and has been studying for years the agglomeration processes of hi-tech companies”.

Why are both big and small companies choosing this part of Milan to open their headquarters?

“Obviously, something has happened in recent years to attract companies of this type. This a good signal, as that part of Milan will see very interesting developments in the future. History tells us that every Silicon Valley has started when the big companies had decided to settle in the area. Today, we have Amazon, Google, Linkedin, tomorrow smaller companies will join. The presence of giants is an incentive for the developments of start-ups”.

How will Milan benefit from these new arrivals?

“Certainly, a lot. But we must be careful of the gap between Milan and the rest of Italy. That said, the concentration of big universities and innovative companies is undeniable”.

What added value can the hi-tech hub bring to the people living in Milan?

“Here the matter is more complex. Several studies show that these hi-tech developments greatly favour highly skilled workforce and all the providers of services such as catering, delivery, babysitting etc. While this process penalises who is in the middle, namely who, despite holding a degree, hasn’t reached a high level of specialization”.

Source: La Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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