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Porta Nuova: all the new projects of Europe’s biggest construction site

25 March, Milano Città Stato

Porta Nuova in Milan is the biggest real estate operation in Europe for a total amount of 2 billion euro.

Vertical Nest

The project is carried by UnipolSai, and it will be ready by 2021. The 23-storey building focuses on sustainability and is meant to host conference rooms, offices and a sky-restaurant with a garden and public spaces on the top floor.

Rasoio (“Razor”)

The project was left unfinished, following the bankruptcy of the Ligresti group. Now, the building will be entirely re-designed, and it will accommodate the UnipolSai Assicurazioni offices.

Corso Como Place

The former Unilever headquarter is currently being requalified by Coima Sgr to rent its spaces, with Accenture among the possible candidates. The project will be completed by 2020, recovering a total surface of 22 thousand Sq m.

The EDGE (Edifici Garibaldi Executive)

The project, which received the Leed Platinum certification, is currently in the development phase. Its completion is scheduled for 2020. The former Executive Hotel will be replaced by three buildings developing on ten floors and including external areas for 4.5 thousand Sq m.

Gioia 22

Following the demolition of the former Inps building, Coima Sgr will implement the Gioia 22 building on behalf of the sovereign fund Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Gioia 20

Coima Sgr also finalised the acquisition of the two municipal areas for a total of 32,208 Sq m and 78.9 million euro. The company will implement in the site two next-generation buildings by 2022.

Source: Milano Città Stato

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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