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No luxury hotels. The former Zecca di Stato will accommodate offices

07 December, Milano Finanza

Zecca is one of the most famous liberty-style buildings in Rome. The building had housed the State Mint and Polygraphic Institute for decades. Built in 1914, it develops over seven floors with a surface of 17 thousand Sq m and a gross total surface of approximately 70 thousand Sq m. It’s now the property of Società Residenziale Immobiliare 2004, a company 75% owned by Cdp Immobiliare and 25% by Finprema. The asset is restricted by the Superintendence due to its prestigious characteristics.

The original plan was to requalify the building by diversifying its use. It was supposed to be a combination of a five-star hotel and 200 apartments, while the remaining portion would have been destined to offices. But during the negotiations, the owners decided to change the use and to reconvert the property almost entirely into office use for a gross surface of about 35 thousand Sq m.

Regarding the hotel part, the operation in partnership with Rosewood Hotels and Resorts International Limited (a subsidiary of New World China Land) has not been successful. Hence, Residenza Immobiliare is currently evaluating whether to look for a new partner for the development of the luxury hotel or to reconvert into offices also the part initially destined for the hotel.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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