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Milan, offices in the former Executive Hotel

13 November, La Repubblica

It was the temple of the football transfer windows. Two years ago, it closed down among the protests and sit-in of its employees, leaving an empty space in Porta Nuova. The building in Viale Luigi Sturzo, built in 1972, used to be the Excelsior Hotel. It’s one of the last missing pieces for the requalification of the area around the Garibaldi station. It will be become an environmentally sustainable building and will accommodate offices, also featuring an inner courtyard open to the public.

Once requalified, the property will be named ED.G.E (EDifici Garibaldi Executive). It will rise from the deconstruction of three parts of the complex, two of which will be renovated, while the third will be demolished and rebuilt. The building is owned by the Fund Antirion Global Core which will lease it to the companies interested in settling in one of Milan’s most innovative districts. According to the project, the structure, which will preserve the original porches, will lead to an inner square, featuring lots of green spaces. The offices’ panoramic terraces will face on this patio. Moreover, if the tenants agree with that, the square may also feature public spaces with benches, trees and gardens, for a total green surface of 1,900 Sq m. Otherwise, the area will be available to the employees.

The value of the requalified property amounts to over 200 million euro for a total surface of 22,600 Sq m, about 1,000 Sq m on each floor and over 120 covered parking spaces. The works started a couple of months ago, and they’re supposed to be completed by 2020. The highest of the three buildings will face on Viale Sturzo beside the Axa offices and will have ten floors. Another seven-floor building will face on Via d’Azeglio with a view of the Bussa overpass, while the smallest building (five stories) will face on Via Tocqueville. The complex will feature a total external surface for 4,500 Sq m combining are requalification and eco-sustainability. The project aims at obtaining the Leed Platinum certification, the same certification of the Amazon headquarters in Porta Nuova. The project is signed by the architects of Onsitestudio, and it’s coordinated by the company General Planning along with Colliers International Italia as real estate consultants.

Source: La Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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