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Milan: Arcadia Center in Gallaratese and a luxury hotel in the former seminary

02 August, Il Giornale

A building whose design resembles a spaceship with a very low environmental impact, obtained by remodelling an old construction from the Seventies. The new office building will be called Arcadia Center and will host the Volkswagen Leasing and Volkswagen Bank headquarters. It will raise in Via Grosio, in the Gallaratese neighbourhood. The property complies with the new guidelines dictated by the city administration: no more new construction, privates shall convert abandoned or partially used buildings.

The project is the result of “tailor-made architecture” signed by Giuseppe Tortato, with a 20-year experience in the urban regeneration field. The project consists in redesigning the old building using the natural elements – air, light and green spaces – like construction materials. Prelios Agency is the advisor for the fund Immobilium 2001 (the alternative investment fund managed by InvestiRe SGR), stressing how the challenge doesn’t refer only to the design. Arcadia Center aims at obtaining the Leed Silver certification, a protocol destined to properties complying with a series of criteria concerning design, construction and management from an environmental, social, economic and health point of view. The certification is awarded only to buildings with a very low environmental impact.

Regarding urban regeneration, the works have recently started to reconvert the former archepiscopal seminar in Corso Venezia 11, featuring a beautiful 18th-century façade by Richini, into a luxury hotel under the Lungarno brand owned by the Ferragamo family. The plan implies the creation of 71 rooms over four floors, shops and restaurants on the ground floor, a spa and a lounge bar on the top floor. Michele Bonan will take care of the interior design, while the architectonic plan is managed by Michele De Lucchi. The spacious yard is supposed to become square accessible from two entrances, one on Corso Venezia and the other on Via Sant’Andrea.

Source: Il Giornale

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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