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DeA Capital acquired Palazzo Aliverti in Milan for 80 million

04 October, Milano Finanza

DeA Capital Real Estate Sgr beat the competition and completed the acquisition of the Palazzo Aliverti, a prestigious real estate complex in the centre of Milan, near Piazza Cordusio, Via Dante and Castello Sforzesco. The complex is located at number 20-22 in Via Broletto. The property was sold by Savills Investment Management Sgr.

The acquisition cost approximately 80 million euro. The building will be included in the core funds of the asset management company which are dedicated to institutional investors. The building was built in the 16th century, and it’s classified as a heritage asset. Today, it’s occupied by the offices of the international law firm Legance. The property is leased long-term, and the duration of the lease is longer than that of the fund. The contract is renewable and has been recently extended.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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