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Coima got funding for Pavillon

02 November, Milano Finanza

Unicredit is financing Coima for the purchase of Pavillon in Piazza Aulenti in Milan. The property will be transferred to the Siiq by the same bank. Specifically, Coima Res siiq entered an agreement with Unicredit for a 31.5-million-euro loan. The loan is guaranteed by the asset, has a duration of five years and costs 1.8%. The funding will be issued once the acquisition will be completed by January.

In May, Coima Res signed with Unicredit a preliminary agreement to acquire Pavillon for 45 million euro (46.3 including transfer taxes and due diligence fees). After that, Coima Res obtained a deal with IBM Italia for the lease of the property for nine years. IBM will be the only tenant of Pavillon which is mainly dedicated to the organisation of events.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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