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CityLife, the third tower will be completed by Christmas

09 June, Avvenire

An echo sustainable creche in CityLife, the innovative office building rising from the old exposition centre in the Portello neighbourhood. It’s called BabyLife, and Mayor Giuseppe Sala has just inaugurated it. The new daycare will open next September, and it will accommodate 72 children aged between 0 and 36 months. The building is entirely made of wood, and it’s insulated to absorb the noise and the heat. It’s an example of innovative echo sustainable architecture: 3,000 Sq m of garden, 1,000 Sq m of interior space, every space facing a green area, reduced water consumption and a high-efficiency heating system. The new creche was designed by the studio O2 Arch, which won a contest for young architects aged under 35. The objective of the project shared between the City of Milan, Assicurazioni Generali e and the company CityLife is to provide to the community with a facility of the highest quality.

The centre is another excellent element of CityLife, “a part of Milan projected into the future”, as Sala said. CityLife consists in a multifunctional space featuring offices, apartments, 80 shops, a supermarket, 20 between restaurants and bars, 7 movie theatres, underground garages (7 thousand parking spaces), a 5 km cycling lane, the M5 metro station, a 173 thousand Sq m public park with over 2 thousand trees, and a contemporary art museum. Of the three towers (whose cost is 520 million euro for skyscrapers with a height between 173 and 2017 metres), there is still one for 31 floors under construction. It will become the new PwC Italia offices. “It will be ready by Christmas – says the CityLife Ceo, Armando Borghi – but the first tenants will move in 2020, once the covering is finished”. Whereas for the other two additional skyscrapers included in the plan, a contest will be launched to brainstorm ideas. CityLife is already a reality. Borghi said: “nearly 30 thousand people come here every day for shopping or a walk in the park, 70 thousand during the weekends”. The centre will employ 2,500 people.

Source: Avvenire

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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