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Brioschi sells properties

16 December, Milano Finanza

Bastogi, Brioschi and Antirion sgr (an asset manager of the fund Megatrends Italia) have signed a preliminary agreement through which Brioschi and Camabo (a company owned by Bastogi) have sold to the fund the real estate complex in Milan comprised between Via Darwin, Segantini, Borsi and Pichi, composed of 15 buildings and 273 parking spaces. The properties develop on over 29 thousand Sq m surface and are located to prime tenants such as Naba, Domus Academy, Starcom, Zenith, Casa.it, Ideal Standard, Doveconviene, H-Farm. The price agreed is 102 million euro after taxes, gross of the sales fees, and it’s referred for 98.9 million to Brioschi and for 3.1 million for the only building sold by Camabo. The definitive price, however, will be set according to the rental prices currently in place at the closing date.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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