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Bnp Paribas Reim, transaction record for 4.8 billion last year

12 March, Milano Finanza

Bnp Paribas Real Estate Investment Management carried out in 2017 transactions for a value of 4.8 billion euro, 3.5 billion of which in investments, and 1.3 billion in divestitures. The Company at the end of 2017 managed assets in Europe for 27.4 billion (+3.3 billion compared to 2016), 12 billion of which in France and 5.2 billion in Italy. 75% of the investors in the funds managed by Bnp Paribas Reim are of the institutional type. The group mainly invests in offices (61%), retail (17%), residential (9%), mixed-use properties (5%), and other asset classes such as technical, healthcare, hotel and leisure (8%). The company reported a new stream of capitals for over 3.1 billion in 2017, of these, over 1.7 billion were underwritten through managed funds and 1.4 billion through dedicated and separate accounts.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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