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Approved the contract with Lendlease

03 March, Avvenire

Now it’s official: Arexpo, the company owning the land that hosted the world expo, has signed the contract with Lendlease for the creation of the masterplan, as well as the implementation and management of the project that sees the creation of a scientific and research hub. The land will be leased to the company for 99 years.

The contract was signed after the Regional Administrative Court rejected the appeals from Stam Europe and Vitali for the annulment of the tender won by Lendlease.

“The signing of the framework contract with Lendlease -said the Arexpo Ceo Giuseppe Bonomi – is a turning point for the Science, Knowledge and Innovation Park that we’re going to implement in Arexpo. This is a result of a public tender never done before in Italy that made possible to select with only one bid the company that will be the advisor for the masterplan and the developer of the project through a lease contract for the surface”. “The masterplan presented by the team led by Lendlease – he continues – implies the creation of an actual city that unites the scientific, academic and environmental aspects with attention on the quality of life of the people that are going to work there”.

“We’re happy to be chosen as Arexpo partners for such an innovative project – comments the Lendlease Italian Ceo, Andrea Ruckstuhl – We’re ready to start working on it, applying our global experience on a local level to plan the first phase of this exciting project for the city of Milan, for Italy and for all Europe”.

It’s still not known how much Arexpo will earn from the operation, even though the rumours talk about amounts between 650 and 700 million euro. Basically, a science park will raise on the land that was previously occupied by the world expo. In the north side of Expo, there will be the campus of the scientific departments of Università Statale of Milan, as well as the new hospital Galeazzi (whose works will start in about one month) and the Human Technopole, already operational in the former Palazzo Italia, where 30 researchers are already working. Whereas in the south side there will be private companies. There are already 60 companies interested in the location. Many of these are operating in the life science sector: biology, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Source: Avvenire

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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