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NPL, the multinational Kruk aims at becoming the leader in Italy

05 February, Askanews

Since 2015 the company acquired in Italy a portfolio of a nominal value of 2.5 billion euro originated from the main banks and it aims at expanding further. Kruk is the Polish multinational operating the in the NPL sector through the acquisition of portfolios of non-performing financial credits and the management of said credits, directly or on behalf of third parties. It opened a branch in in Italy, in Milan, in 2015 and its operational office in La Spezia in July 2017, following the acquisition of Credit Base. Its objective is to become one of the leaders, if not the leader, in the Italian market.

Tomasz Kurr is the General Director of Kruk Italia: “Italy is rather similar to the other markets, and it’s one of the biggest in Europe. Before entering the market, we’d carried out some research applying our methods that confirmed that it was the right time. We can improve our friendly approach, for which we’re famous, and everything has been good so far”.

Credit management is an emerging sector in the international panorama. It’s a complex business that requires specialised expertise. In the last few months, Kruk has hired 200 people, and the number is destined to grow. “Our relationship with clients is crucial, we build a mutual trust, and this is the ground for future cooperation. When we call the client, we want he’s at ease and that he understands we’ll do our best to get him out of debt”. Says Kurr.

“The key point is trust. We’ve learnt that everything starts with dignity: anybody can be in financial difficulties; the difference is how this person is dealt with. For this reason, we train our employees in special courses to be empathetic and to try to see the issue from the other person’s perspective. Everything will easier for both parts”.

The sector is constantly evolving also for what concerns regulations, especially in Europe. “I believe that being highly regulated is better for us because in this way there is more transparency in the market and the same rules are valid for the all the players. I think that the changes currently in place are going towards the right direction. We’re getting ready to land also in other sectors and assets such as corporate, mortgages. We’re very interested in the service and client part”.

Source: Askanews

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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