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Guber becomes a bank. Besides buying and managing NPLs, it will also finance SMEs. And Spaxs wants to do the same

10 March, Bebeez

The Brescia-based Guber, among the main independent servicers specialised in NPL management, is becoming Guber Banca after having obtained the authorization to carry out banking activity by the ECB. Guber has been assisted in the process by Parente & Partners as advisor.

Guber Banca is for 66.7% owned by the founding members Francesco Guarnieri and Gianluigi Bertini and for 33.3% by the American fund Varde Partners, that entered in the capital in March 2017.

Guber was founded in 1991 and in 2017 managed about 7.5 billion euro of managed credits. Guber operates throughout Italy with over 180 employees and collaborators, supported also by a network of 280 legal advisors. Guber is specialized in NPL management and collection, both secured and unsecured, and it’s also active in the macro areas dedicated to the direct purchase of credits and in due diligence and advisory services, real estate included.

Guber Banca will mainly deliver its services online, with a focus on credits and services to SMEs, NPL and UTP management and acquisition, as well as partnerships with institutional investors, continuing the current line of business of the company. The funding process of the new bank, at least in its initial phase, will be focused on online deposits.

The same objectives are shared by Spaxs, the company promoted by Corrado Passera and Andrea Clamer, that has collected 600 million euro from the investors to buy a small bank, capitalize and transform it into a company dedicated to SMEs funding and NPL investments, funding its activities through a fintech platform. Hence, Spaxs seems to be already a competitor. Unless the competitor will become its target.

Talking about targets, Spaxs has already several dossiers on its table. One of this concerns Banca Interprovinciale, a small commercial bank from Modena with five branches in the provinces of Bologna and Modena. The firm Scoa owns 30% of the capital, and its president, Umberto Palmieri, is also the president of the bank, while the first single shareholder (with 9.22%) is Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini, that recently went to Cariparma and is about to exit the capital. Another name circulating as Spaxs potential partner is Banco delle Tre Venezie from Padua, but the dossiers in total might be even twelve.

Source: Bebeez

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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