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Credit management: MCS-DSO acquired Serfin 97 S.r.l.

08 February, StopSecret

At the end of 2018, MCS-DSO, the France leading company in credit management and collection, completed the acquisition, through its holding DSO Italia, of Serfin 97 s.r.l., a company specialised in credit management and collection. With offices in Rome and Durrës, Albania, Serfin employs approximately 500 people, and it reported a turnover for about 12 million euro in 2017.

Thanks to the agreement, the French giant born from the merger between MCS Groupe and DSO Group confirmed its intentions to pursue its internationalisation strategy, growing and strengthening its position as a primary player in the NPL market. MCS-DSO president Jean-François Bensahel commented: “this operation represents a crucial step for the transformation of our group into a European player. Thanks to our excellent position in the market, we are a strategic partner in the management and collection of credits for companies and banks operating in Italy”.

The French group acquired 80% of Serfin, while the remainder of the capital is indirectly held by Stefano Massa, who remains the Ceo of the Italian branch. With this agreement, Serfin has confirmed its solid status as a group, allowing the company to broaden its offer and to accelerate the growth, especially from a technologic point of view. Stefano Massa stressed how “this operation offers the opportunity to create value for our clients as well as it provides us with the potential for operational and commercial partnerships”.

Source: StopSecret

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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