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BPER Banca selling NPLs for 1.9 billion euro

27 September, Soldi Online

Milano Finanza reports the future de-risking operation by Bper Banca. The Bank’s Board of Directors gathered yesterday to analyse the business plan. The plan has a duration of three years, and it was initially meant to be completed by the end of September, but “it will require one month more of work, and it will likely be approved by the 8th of November”.

In the meanwhile, the shareholder Unipol, holding a 15.06% quota in the bank, requested an operation to clean up the assets that might concern NPLs up to 1.9 billion euro.

Finally, according to Milano Finanza, Bper Banca might “announce the acquisition of 49% of the shares of its subsidiary Banco di Sardegna, currently owned by the homonym foundation”.

Source: Soldi Online

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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