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Banca Ifis, great opportunities from NPLs and consultancy to SMEs

02 April, Teleborsa

There are great opportunities for Banca Ifis in the NPL market as well as in the consulting activity to SMEs, as Giovanni Bossi, Banca Ifis Ceo, said during an interview to Teleborsa in occasion of the Star Conference in Milan.

2017 was a year of great growth for Banca Ifis, thanks to a very interesting NPL market. What are your expectations for the future?

“Concerning bad loans, there is great attention and expectation”, stated Bossi, reminding that “the regulators are pushing banks to get rid of bad loans as quickly as possible. This offers great opportunities for the players in the sector”.

“We’re focused on unsecured consumer credit, the most fragile and weakest part. We assist one million and a half of debtors with the objective of improving their financial situation. If the opportunity to broaden our business arises, it will be very interesting for us”, said the manager.

“Regarding small and medium enterprises (SME), there is a lot to do in this field. In fact, the offer from financial operators to small businesses is very limited, while there is great demand for such services since small companies are the weakest and they need help. Traditional banks tend to support bigger companies”.

“Banca Ifis commits, as it has committed in the last 30 years, to support these enterprises and to give them the help they need”.

It seems to be a great interest from international investors…

“There are currently 30 funds and more than 50 people in this meeting, something that I haven’t seen in years”, said the banker, and he concluded: “I think there is a great interest, a good signal for our country. We’re very happy”.

Source: Teleborsa

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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