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Real estate: e-commerce caused rents for logistic assets to rise

09 January, Ansa

In 2018, e-commerce caused an increase in rents for logistic assets. The trend emerged from the latest Real Estate Report by World Capital, showing that the Italian market is recovering. The growth mainly concerns new construction: +8% in Naples (where the highest price is set at 52 euro/Sq m/year), followed by Milan with +6% (56 euro/Sq m/year) and Bologna (55 euro/Sq m/year). The surface for newly-built logistic assets grew nationally by 50%. The demand for last generation assets caused the number of built-to-suit facilities to increase.

Lucia Dattola from World Capital commented: “Large part of the demand for last generation warehouses comes from couriers, often looking for specific dimensions, generally 3,000-5,000 Sq m, close to the city and with a precise layout”.

Source: Ansa

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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