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Prelios and Tpg obtained the Bari freight terminal

04 December, Milano Finanza

The company Interporto Regionale della Puglia, which operates the related logistics facility in Bari, will be transferred to a real estate fund managed by Prelios and subscribed by the American investment fund Tpg Sixth Street Partners for 41 million euro.

The object of the transfer is Interporto Regionale della Puglia as well as its subsidiary Italfinance. The proceeds will be used to repay debts towards creditors amounting to 130 million euro in total.

The news was disclosed by La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, stating that the Bari Bankruptcy Court is to issue a judgement concerning the two agreements among creditors. Interporto Regionale della Puglia has allegedly reached settlements with 36 creditors representing little less than 80% of its 95-million debt, while the subsidiary Italfinance has closed 24 agreements so far, namely 93.7% of the 27.1 million debt, resulting in write-offs of respectively 122 and 51.2 million. A large part of the debts is towards banks. Mps alone has 48.4 credit, followed by Banca Marche. The property fund managed by Prelios will acquire the credits.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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