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JLL: logistics is worth 8 billion euro

03 May, Milano Finanza

In 2018 transactions grew in number from the previous year, totalling 171 transactions, although they concerned smaller amounts (from 71 million on average in 2017 to 49 million euro in 2018). This is mainly due to the lack of core assets on the market.

Despite the rise of e-commerce companies, 3PL companies covered 44% of the leased spaces, followed by manufacturing companies (22%), retailers (13%) and couriers (6%).

Capitals came for 36% from Italy (3 billion euro), 33% from Europe (2.7 billion euro), and the remaining 28% from the rest of the world (2.4 billion euro). Milan alone attracted 36% of the investments, although the harsh competition in this market caused many capitals to consider Rome as an alternative.

Finally, JLL highlighted also the emerging trend of outsourcing assets. The companies whose core business is not logistics will disinvest their logistic assets in the future so to focus on their core business. As a result, logistics assets will be increasingly managed by specialised real estate companies.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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