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Rome, new developments for Tiburtina

03 March, Il Sole 24 Ore

“We must bet on a city that is developing following the transport system, but we need to try solutions that reshape the current regulation, where returns are not the only parameter considered”. Luca Montuori, City Councillor for urban planning for the City of Rome, refers to the idea of “Reinventing Cities” that is inspired by “Reinvernter Pairs”. “We hope to be able to engage investors and the networks already present on the territory to regenerate difficult areas”.

Among his priorities, there is the are of Tiburtina. The model to look at seems to be Garibaldi station in Milan. The area, in fact, has become the BNL headquarters, and Ferrovie dello Stato has been looking for partnerships to create a hotel, while Istat is considering it for its protentional new offices. BNL itself is working on a masterplan regarding the surrounding areas, continuing building along the train tracks till Ponte Lanciani and implementing a big park near the hospital Sandro Pertini. In the meanwhile, Acer has launched a tender for the Tiburtina area to gather solutions for the urban regeneration of the three areas of Via Galla Placidia, Cia Cupa and the for the metro station Quintiliani.

Among the most awaited projects in Rome, there is the reconversion of the old barracks in Via Guido Remi, in front of Maxxi, for which the administrators are supposed to close shortly the agreement with Cdp to launch the recovery plan. “We want to launch a tender for projects concerning the creation of a library and public services”, said Montuori. “and we plan to reinvest the proceeds of the operation in a culture hub extending till Auditorium”.

The Arbitration Board has recently rejected the request of Investimenti Spa for an indemnity of 150 million due to the reduction of the buildable surface from 67 to 45 Sq m in the old expo area as decided by the municipal administration. “We’ll design a multifunctional space on an area of little more than 40 thousand Sq m, and we’ll proceed with a tender to define as soon as possible the project and the operational plan”, says the City Councillor. In the meanwhile, the campus Bio-Medico Spa has launched a tender inviting about ten Italian and international students to define the masterplan for a 90 hectares area, 66 of which are still to be developed. The Ministry of Defence is thinking about a maxi reorganization plan to concentrate the several military facilities now scattered around the city in just one location in Centocelle. This is an optimization process, implying the construction of a “military hub” as well as the enhancement of the properties that will be vacated.

Assets enhancement is a sector not all affected by the crisis in Rome, especially for properties reconverted into hotels. “Over the past five years, we’ve implemented ten hotels near the Pantheon under the brand Autograph Collection by Marriott and signed by Studio Marco Piva. The works took about ten months for the creation of 80 rooms and an investment for 9 million”. Emilio Pacini, head of Pacini Building Workshop, speaks about the business model of his company that acquires properties to renovate, it puts them on the market in a short time and takes care directly of the management. Inarcassa is also carrying out a remarkable operation on an asset of its portfolio, recently acquired by the dedicated property fund Inarcassa RE managed by Fabrica sgr. The intervention concerns the reconversion into a hotel (under a Spanish boutique hotel brand) of Galleria Regina Margherita, strategically close to tourist attractions and the transport system. The Bnl offices in Via Veneto will be also reconverted into a luxury hotel, with the project signed by the studio of Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel.

Finally, the stadium. The company Eurnova of the group Parnasi is currently working on adjusting the project to the provisions following the services conference, especially concerning the infrastructural and environmental elements. There won’t be new residences in Tor di Valle, but only offices, a hotel and a commercial space serving the stadium.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi



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