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B&B Hotels in Italy: the objective is 60 facilities in 4 years

19 December, TTG Italia

B&B Hotels is inaugurating its fourth hotel in Milan, not far away from the Central Station. “We’ve been operating in Italy for 7 years – states the president Jean Claude Ghiotti – we currently have 28 facilities, and we’ll be reaching 30 by the end of the year with the opening of two new hotels respectively in Genoa and Treviso”.

The investments on the territory are in continuous expansion. “Our objective is to reach 60 hotels in the next four years – continues Ghiotti – with an average of 7 openings every year. We don’t have geographical limits and we’re open to any destination in the country”.

B&B Hotels in Italy reports an average yearly occupation rate of 75.7%. Its target is composed of international customers for 45% and of Italian customers for 55%, equally distributed between leisure and business travellers. In 2016, B&B Hotels closed with a turnover of 424 million euro (35 million of which only in Italy) on a total of 33,600 rooms.

Source: TTG Italia

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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