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According to the Wall Street Journal, Milan is Italy’s most beautiful city

03 October, Milano Events

According to the Adventure & Travel section of the Wall Street Journal, Milan is the most interesting Italian city. Milan has been crowned as the real queen of Italy in Andrew Ferren’s article “Be a tourist in Milan”: “a new destination with a vocation for culture, food and design”.

The financial newspaper nominates Milan as the most exciting city in Italy for visitors. While Milan has been for years Italy’s business capital, the city has recently proved to be much more than just that. According to the Wall Street Journal, the city excels in food, lifestyle and taste. Milan offers plenty of attractions for what concerns entertainment, attracting millions of Italian and foreign tourists.

In the past, Milan was “labelled as Italy’s industrial capital due to the many factories spitting smoke, the grey buildings and the dull weather”.

Social media played a crucial part in changing Milan’s reputation, having shown a different version of the city. With Expo 2015, the spotlight was finally on Milan. In only six months, the international exhibition attracted over 21 million people. Today, Milan offers fashion, lifestyle, events such the Fashion Week, Salone del Mobile (the furniture exhibition), and a wide range of exhibitions and cultural (thanks to its excellent museums) and economic events.

The city has a good quality of life and attracts foreign capitals, as proven by the recent openings of big international brands of the food, fashion and technology sectors. But Milan also means tradition:  Castello Sforzesco, Navigli, Duomo, Montenapoleone and plenty of restaurants (traditional as well as international) that make feel the visitor at the centre of the world.

The numbers and the tourist boom place the city at the top of the charts of the most beloved cities among travellers.

In 2016 the New York Times selected five to-go places in Milan. Such places were all located in the neighbourhood of Isola, defined as radical chic by journalist Lavinia Pisani. “It used to be a working-class neighbourhood, isolated from the rest of the city”. Then high-rise buildings arrived, becoming Google Italia headquarters – as stressed by NYT. Now Isola is one of the gems of Milan.

Source: Milano Events

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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