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A new five-star hotel opening on the Garda lake

17 November, Brescia Oggi

Another five-star hotel will open on the Brescia side of the Garda lake. Along with other 11 five-star hotels and nearly 90 four-star hotels already scattered around the area between Sirmione and Limone, a new five-star hotel is about to open in the Gargnano region, precisely in Formaga, a small village on the hills not far from the other luxury hotel Lefay Resort & SPA of the Leali family.

It will rise from an empty nursing home built about ten ago then acquired on auction this year by World Diamond Group, the Vicenza group operating in the diamond distribution and the creation of high jewellery. The property was offered on auction for the first time in 2014 with a starting price of 5 million euro, and it was bought for little less than 700 thousand euro. Following the adjudication, the new owners communicated their intention to make a high-end rehabilitation facility out of it. After the summer, the company changed its mind and decided to open a luxury hotel.

Gargnano Mayor Giovanni Albini confirms that “the new hotel will focus on luxury. The owners have recently asked the Superintendence to review the project in order to upgrade the property according to more comfortable and functional standards”.

The original healthcare facility should have been operational by 2008. The project, initially carried out by the Fornasari family, implied an investment for about five million and a half euro. The family was well-known in Gargnano thanks to Walter Alceste, the famous coffee trader. But the building was never completed. The works started in 2007 and were suspended in 2009 due to unauthorised construction. The property was put for auction in 2014. In the recent year, the uncompleted nursing home caught the attention of some Russian investors. They planned to create a high-quality rehab dedicated to astronauts returning from space missions.

Marco Girardi, director of the Garda Lake Tourist Board, comments: “These are good news. The five-star hotels in this area are open all year round, and their demand increases by 6% every year”.

Source: Brescia Oggi

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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