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Student housing and senior living are booming in Lombardy

07 November, Re Quadro

Alternative living such as those solutions catering to students and senior citizens are not the future, they’re instead the present. Especially in Lombardy, where 496 companies are operating in the sector, registering a 5% growth in one year and +235% in comparison with ten years ago, when they were only 148. Milan is first with 123 companies, followed by Pavia with 94 and Brescia with 63.

Outside Lombardy, there are 4,283 companies in Italy, having grown by 6% in last year and by 129% in the last ten years. Rome has 394 companies, reporting an 85% growth in the last ten years. The sector employs 23 thousand people in the region, compared to 15 thousand people in 2011, having grown by 49% in the last seven years and by 10% in the last year. Lombardy is the first region in Italy, with 104 thousand employees working in the industry, +7.5% in the last year and +114% in the last seven years.

The headquarters of these companies, which generally are present in various locations across the territory, are nearly 9 thousand in Italy, with about one thousand in Lombardy and 262 in Milan only.

The numbers about Lombardy come from the report by the Milan and Monza-Brianza Chamber of Commerce on the industry at the end of September 2018.

Marco Dettori, member of the Milan and Monza-Brianza Chamber of Commerce and Assimpredil Ance president, says: “the quality of the new constructions is increasingly better. The new facilities are an example of the great potential of the construction sector. Student housing is crucial to make our territory more attractive at national and international level. Concerning senior living, facilities are offering advanced services to improve life quality”.

Beatrice Zanolini, councillor of the Milan and Monza-Brianza Chamber of Commerce and Milano Monza-Brianza Fimaa (Confcommercio Milano) secretary explains: “real estate is specialising and it’s increasingly addressing the social needs. In Milan and in Lombardy in general, due to the strong presence of university students, the figures about student residences are crucial. Elderly people as well need dedicated felicities also providing assistance”.

The numbers of Lombardy and the rest of the country

Milan is first in the region with 123 companies and 6 thousand employees, followed by Pavia with 94 companies and 1,400 employees, Brescia with 63 companies and nearly 3 thousand employees. Varese employs 3 thousand people in the sector.

Concerning property types, student houses are predominant in Milan with a +105% growth in the last five years, while senior residences registered a +42%. The result is not surprising since Milan, thanks to its universities, is attracting more and more people under 30.

In Italy, Rome is first with 630 facilities (+102% in ten years), followed by Palermo with 450 (+105%), Turin with 388 (+60%), Catania with 371 (+169%), Milan with 262 (+201%), Ravenna with 205 (+294%), Bologna with 196 (+11%).

One business every two (41% to be precise) is managed by women, 5% by foreigners and 9% by youths. In Lombardy, 26% is represented by women, 4% by foreigners and 5% by youths. In Pavia, women are 60% of the total while in Monza and Matua they are about 40%. Foreigners and youths are predominant in Pavia, respectively 10% and 16%.

Source: Re Quadro

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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