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Private equity, Green Arrow Capital gets Quadrivio sgr

21 November, Reuters

Green Arrow Capital, an investment company specialised in alternative assets, has acquired 100% of the asset manager Quadrivio Italia sgr, a company operating in private equity.

The competitive process reminds the memo, has seen the participation of 20 investment companies, both national and international. In the past few weeks, the press was suggesting as favourites other players (Lbo France, Tages and Pm Partners among the names). Green Arrow is rather a surprise.

The seller is Quadrivio Group, a holding founded by Walter Ricciotti and Alessandro Binello, owning  70% of the company, and Futura Invest (Cariplo and Enasarco foundations), holding the remaining 30%.

The financial terms of the operation haven’t been disclosed yet.

Green Arrow Capital was established in 2012 by a group of industrial and financial entrepreneurs composed of Eugenio de Blasio, Daniele Camponeschi, Stefano Russo, and Francesco Giovannini. Luisa Todini joined last year as partner and shareholder.

Quadrivio, as it reads in the website, “promotes and manages investment funds for a total value of over 1.4 billion euro, operating in the private equity, venture capital, clean energy, impact investments, private debt and fund of funds sectors”.

Source: Reuters

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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