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The new Galeazzi hospital: 16 floors and almost 600 beds

19 February, La Repubblica

The works will start by the summer. The goal is to finish constructing the hospital-skyscraper by the end of 2021. The deadline cannot be delayed since by that time the old hospital will shut down and the new one will have to be ready to receive patients. This is the new Galeazzi: 16 floors (plus an underground floor) designed by Binini Partners. It will rise in a land that used to be vacant. The project was presented yesterday by the head of the group San Donato Paolo Rotelli, who is in charge for Galeazzi, together with the Ceo of San Raffaele hospital, Elena Bottinelli, and Giuseppe Bonomi from Arexpo. For him, “Galeazzi is one of the three pillars of the science park along with Human Technopole and the campus of Università Statale”.

“We want Galeazzi to be the group’s flagship”, says Rotelli while presenting the building, 85 m. high – the highest hospital in Milan – developing on a surface of 50 thousand Sq m (30 thousand of which will be green spaces). The total volume will be 150 thousand Sq m, with a capacity of 589 beds, obtained from Istituto Sant’Ambrogio and the old Galeazzi, plus one hundred coming from the clinic San Siro (which will be also renovated in the next years). “We are not simply moving places. This is a collaboration between Galeazzi with its expertise in orthopaedic medicine and Sant’Ambrogio with its experience in the cardio-vascular and bariatric sectors in order to create a modern hospital – explains Rotelli- nowadays, doctors want space and interconnection. The new hospital will have efficient times and procedures”.

The investments amount to approximately 200 million euro. It’s a crucial operation for the group which is moving also in the former Falck area thanks to a recently signed preliminary agreement with MilanoSesto of Davide Bizzi. There, besides the “City of the (public) Health”, Rotelli would like to see in the future a new private hospital, moving the current San Raffaele Ville Turro. A way to react to Ieo-Monzino that refused its acquisition proposal in 2017 with Humanitas? “That chapter is now closed, the competition goes on”, clarifies Rotelli.

The future of the current Galeazzi and Sant’Ambrogio once the new hospital will be operational is still unknown. The group led by Rotelli will have to take a decision within a year in accordance with what the City of Milan will have decided. The idea is to change the function of the two hospitals, turning them into residences and creating a joint venture with real estate experts. “In any case, the territory will still be covered in terms of healthcare services – clarifies Rotelli – besides Sant’Ambrogio we’ll build a “Building of the Health”, a big general hospital”.

Source: La Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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