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Milan: Via Adriano, new life for the old nursing home

28 March, Avvenire

An assisted living facility with a specialized division dedicated to patients with Alzheimer disease, safe accommodations for elderly people, disabled people and young couples. Even more: doctor surgeries, a cafeteria, offices and exhibition spaces facing on a green area. The works have been launched for the requalification of the old nursing home in Via Adriano, in the north-eastern suburbs of Milan. It will become multifunctional centre serving the community. The facility is expected to be ready by the end of 2019.

Yesterday there was the opening ceremony for the launch of the construction site, with the presence of the City Councillors Pierfrancesco Majorino (social politics) and Pierfrancesco Maran (urban planning), the president of Casa della Carità don Virginio Colmegna and the Proges representatives, the company implementing the project. Concerning the accommodations, the agreement with Proges implies that twenty beds will be made available to the Municipality. The cooperative commits to implement and manage 36 accommodations that will be assigned on a priority basis, first serving the elderly and the autonomous disabled people residing in the Municipality 2 of Milan.

When the centre will be operative, it will create 150 new jobs. Regarding this matter, don Colmegna comments; “We have started a collaboration in order to increase occupation among our guests in Casa della Carità. They’ll be employed, for instance, in cleaning and maintenance tasks, as well as in cultural activities”. Moreover, “We’re about to open Son, a small village dedicated to “whom will come after us” that will be ready by the end of 2019 and will join the newly-constituted hub.

The Adriano neighbourhood is at the centre of a wide range requalification process. Last December an agreement between the Municipality and the Council of Ministers was signed regarding for an 18 million euro funding aimed at regenerating the area. The project concerning the new assisted living facility goes in the same direction. Yesterday there was also a meeting on social politics with the participation of the city Councillor Majorino. In Via dei Cinquecento, a property of the Municipality will be transformed into a leisure centre serving the community with workshops, laboratories and information desks. The bid will be published by the end of April. Finally, in Via Rudinì at the corner with Via Voltri, a space will accommodate the local social services of the Municipality and a multifunctional leisure centre. The facility will be available gratuitous loan for use and it’s surrounded by houses that will accommodate several families on regulate lease. The objective is to provide public spaces to the community in order to facilitate bonding.

Source: Avvenire

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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