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Milan like Paris: boom of area regeneration projects

05 June, La Repubblica

The most sought-after areas, with fifteen requests each, are small but strategically positioned: 4,900 Sq m in Via Serio, near the Prada Foundation, which the Municipality intends to reconvert into a cultural space; 610 Sq m in Via Doria, an empty space between Loreto and the Central Station, which will be regenerated with green spaces and architectural and technological solutions to reduce the carbon emissions. There are also other places currently under evaluation: from De Montel stable to the Greco train station, till the covered market in Via Gorla. They all got manifestations of interest. The first phase of the call for tender Reinventing Cities launched by C40 (the city’s international network looking into growing in the environmental sector and not only) has closed with 44 bids and related projects. “A great result” for the City of Milan. It’s the highest number reported among 16 cities around the world participating in this urban regeneration model, the same number registered by Paris. Such a result is a further confirmation, according to the City Councillor for urban planning Pierfrancesco Maran, “of the capacity of Milan of attracting significant international investments to implement innovative projects also in the less central areas”. He adds, “the territorial zoning plan goes in the same direction”.

We’ll have to wait for the constitution of the board responsible for judging the bids to know the projects and the three finalists that will compete in the final sprint. Then, at the beginning of 2019, the winner will be nominated. However, for the Municipality of Milan, five disused areas might have already taken the way to sustainable regeneration, which is the objective of the call for tender that Paris tested for the first time in 2015. Each area has a starting price assigned: 4.8 million for the Greco station, 1 million and 183 thousand euro for the liberty-style De Montel stable which is meant to be recovered by enhancing the green spaces and the athletic vocation of the area, 980 thousand euro for the Gorla market which will to be reconverted focusing on the social and nutrition aspects, 2 million for Via Serio. However, the regeneration project presented will play a crucial part in the final choice.

Source: La Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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