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Hospitals, shops and hotels for the former Falck area

24 December, Libero

The Falck area in Sesto San Giovanni, which will accommodate Città della Salute (City of Health), requires some radical changes. The City Council gave the green light to the start of the works funded by the urbanisation fees for the requalification project.

The Council has discussed the project for the so-called “Concordia Quarter”, where a shopping district will replace the T5 building. Following the approval of the Comprehensive Planning by the Project Coordinating Unit concerning the technical feasibility of the plan for Concordia, the company Milanosesto will present in June the applications for the building permit.

If everything goes according to the plan, the works may start between 2019 and 2020. City Councillor for urban planning Antonio Lamiranda explains that “the role of the administrative division is finished. Now it’s time to begin the second phase concerning the review of the compliance for the already approved applications. It has been an essential step in the development of the Falck area”.

How the works will proceed

Once completed the administrative procedure for Città della Salute, all the necessary approvals regarding the building permits will be completed. Hence, Milanostesto may start the construction site in Concordia. After that, the urban planning division will begin discussing the Unione area”.

Concordia will have various functions. The main attraction will be the T5 commercial district covering 80 thousand Sq m and the main street featuring shops with a surface of over 120 thousand Sq m. The area will also include services and hotels for the same surface.

The Northern Ring has also got the green light from the administration. It will consist in the new exit “Sesto-Tangenziale Nord” of the motorway for a value of nearly 22 million euro. The Southern Ring (Viale Edison) is worth about 9 million euro, while the related roads and underground parking required by law for 32 million euro.

The entire Flack requalification project implies public works for approximately 231 million euro concerning primary and secondary urban interventions, services and quality standards implementation, along with 5 million euro for the library and the new police station.

Road access

Città della Salute and the new shopping district will also require viability interventions. These will be of the private type as well as public, like squares and streets. Concerning the residential part, 20 thousand Sq m will be destined for regulated housing, 12 thousand Sq m for council houses and 400 thousand Sq m for free construction.

The plan for the new station linking old town Sesto to the new part of the city will be approved shortly. The executive project is pending the approval from the city administration, so that the international call for bids may be launched in June.

The implementation of Città della Salute depends on the tender contract which is meant to be finalised between January and March, and the construction works will start in the following nine months. In the meanwhile, the park will also be implemented. The works will last at least three years.

Mayor Roberto Di Stefano comments: “We’re happy with this further step in the administrative procedures. Everything is proceeding as scheduled, and we’re just at the beginning of an essential process”. The path adopted is destined to become a model.

Source: Libero

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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