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Dea Capital launched a 200-million fund

06 August, Milano Finanza

Dea Capital Real Estate sgr launched Tessalo, the new property fund specialised in healthcare. The fund has six healthcare facilities in its portfolio at present. All the facilities are prime assets, located in central Italy and belonging to the group Eurosanità, a leading company in the healthcare sector in Italy, which will continue to manage the facilities. The assets are worth approximately 200 million euro. They are clinics, nursing homes, private hospitals or part of public or private entities, assisted living facilities, research centres, analysis laboratories and radiology and physiotherapy centres. The total beds are over 500. Among the assets, there are the clinic Quisisana, the nursing home Villa Stuart, the general hospital Casilino and the fertility treatment division in Rome, as well as the assisting living facility Santa Elisabetta I and II, both in Fiuggi. The fund’s objective is to provide 6% dividends a year. With this operation, Dea Capital Real Estate confirms its product diversification strategy and its research for innovative asset classes.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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