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Cattolica launched a fund for healthcare properties

22 May, Milano Finanza

Cattolica and Coopselios signed an investment agreement and launched Fondo Innovazione Salute, a fund dedicated to the revaluation of assisted living facilities (Rsa). The fund is incorporated and managed by Savills Investment Management, and it will have Cattolica as the majority investor (with nearly 80% of the fund equity) and the only insurance player, while Coopselios will be the minority investor and the operational partner. Ten selected Ras, currently owned by Coopselios, will be initially transferred to the fund in two tranches, for over 800 beds in total. The real estate operation has investments for at least 250 million in the pipeline. With the commitment in Fondo Innovazione Salute, Cattolica consolidates its position in the healthcare real estate sector, where it’s present since 2008 with the acquisition of three Rsa. Thanks to this operation, Cattolica has started progressively growing its presence in the industry. The agreement with Coopselios also includes a joint evaluation of an offer combining insurance services and products.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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