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Bologna: student halls and a university campus in the Bertalia-Lazzaretto project

30 October, Milano Finanza

With an investment of 120 million euro, the Bertalia-Lazzaretto project in Bologna is one of the most relevant urban requalification projects in the city. The new residential development project concerning a surface of 730 thousand Sq m implies construction activities over 215 thousand Sq m, 78% of which for residential use (about 2 thousand units), 13% for new university spaces and 9% for offices and commercial properties.

The works for the first residential complex in the south-eastern part have just finished, while the other sites are still under construction, having been delayed by the review of the planning rules and regulations. The Bertalia complex is part of the Bologna University Alma Mater, and it includes two student halls for over 400 beds destined to the Engineering and Architecture faculties, along with lecture halls, libraries, laboratories and a gym. The City of Bologna granted the land to the University which took care of building the streets the parking lots, and the parks for a total investment of 40 million euro for a large part funded by the Ministry.

The Lazzaretto complex includes the stop of the “People Mover”, the shuttle service which will quickly connect the new train station to the Bologna airport. The infrastructure was promoted by Marconi Express (Consorzio Integra and Tper) with an investment of approximately 95 million euro, and it will be completed by 2019.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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