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The property that housed the New Democracy political party on Rigillis str transformed into a 5* hotel

The conversion project of the historic building of the New Democracy political party at 18 Rigillis Street into a five-star hotel has started and the building will undergo a process of a complete reconstruction. The plans to transform the building into a five-star hotel have been announced since 2019 but the pandemic stalled the implementation of those plans.

The company renting the building is the hotel company The Margi S.A. and the duration of the rental is 49 years. The rent for each month will be €16,000 for at least the first five years.

The works for the reconstruction of the property will begin with the completion of the necessary procedures and approval of studies concerning the historic property as it is not only a listed building but also a new monument.

The historic property belongs to the Foundation “Botanic Garden of Ioulia and Alexandros N. Diomedous”.

The hotel company The Margi S.A., which has proceeded to rent the property in Rigilis 18, is the owner of The Margi Hotel in Vouliagmeni and is a company linked to the history of the Athenian Riviera and the hotel now has a capacity of 88 rooms.

Original Source: Ypodomes.gr

Adaptation/Summary: Kiki Athanasiadis